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Enter a new phase in the Max Cinematic Universe! In this action-packed season,
Max stars as writer, director, editor, producer, music composer, and VFX supervisor.

6 Episodes  •  Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Kids & Family, Sitcom


Episodes (6)

1. Beyond the Mat  8m

Suzi Hubler, a dedicated gymnastics enthusiast and the passionate coaches at High Junction Gymnastics enlighten us about the profound significance of engaging in sports and physical activity.

Jan 8, 2024

2. Coca-Cola Refreshing Films'
   Auditorium 4  

Sometimes, our movie-going experience begins before we even step foot in the auditorium!

Apr 1, 2024

3. Trial by 20s  13m

Mona attempts her first set at an open mic night recounting her chaotic 25th birthday where a white lie gets out of hand, all to impress her crush.

Apr 17, 2024

4. The Club  2m

Four college girls are getting ready for a night out at the club as they play a game of “Never Have I Ever,” reflecting on the times they were in danger in their daily lives.

5. Maybe I Am the Villain  30m

A villain is pushed to therapy after taking a superhero fight too far.

Airs Summer 2024

Apr 17, 2024

6. BizBuzz  1h 55m

Shot in 1999. Edited in 2024.

Airs 2024

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